The Latest Eruption in Iceland


The Latest Eruption in Iceland

Well, it finally happened. The event that all of Iceland was waiting for has arrived. The latest eruption in Iceland, and the country’s newest attraction, has burst onto the scene. Quite literally. A volcano that has been dormant for over 6,000 years has finally erupted and tonnes of molten rock have been ejected from the volcano since the eruption that began around 20:30 on Friday, March 19th. This marks Iceland’s first eruption since Holuhraun in August, 2014. On average, there is an eruption in Iceland every five years or so, so whilst this one is a little later than predicted, it is more or less on trend.

Where is the Eruption in Iceland?

The eruption occured in Fagradalsfjall, in Geldingardalur, on the Reykjanes peninsula. This is an area of Iceland that has no less than five volcanic systems, and one of those systems is called Krýsuvík, which has been inactive for over 800 years. A huge portion of the Reykjanes peninsula is already covered in lava fields and it is the most volcanically active area in the country.  What makes this particular eruption unique is that it is the most accessible eruption site in recent times. Previously, it was possible to get close to the eruption sites in Holuhraun, Fimmvörðuháls, and Eyjafjallajökull, but only by modified superjeeps or helicopter. This time, you can make your way there on foot on a relatively short hike.

Will you be Offering Tours to the Volcano?

Funny you should ask, because we sure will. On offer will be guided day tours to the eruption site, departing from Reykjavík. We ask that you simply watch this space as we await news from the authorities that will help us understand the most convenient and safest way to offer you this experience. What we can say is that those who are interested in this tour must be physically fit, and be prepared for a 3-4 hour walk. The path is very rocky with a lot of loose rocks and scree, so you will need to have good footwear and remember to dress well and bring water and snacks with you. We will always monitor the weather, and we will never take you there unless it is safe to do so.

How Can I See the Latest Eruption in Iceland Right Now?

Here is a live feed from the very site. Hopefully, this will tide you over until you can come and see it for yourself. You can also check out our blog for a little history on some of Iceland eruptions from the past.